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Fotos de Paris


For those visiting Paris for the first time and still don't know where to do a photo shoot, you'll get to know the most sought after options after the Eiffel Tower. These are our recommendations.

We add information about the place and best times, according to the light conditions and the crowd. With this insight, you can easily plan your Paris Photo Shoot.

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These are the LOCATIONS that we highlight, but there are several other places. Therefore, we are also open to your suggestions and requests.

Trocadéro  |  Eiffel Tower


Probably the most sought after place overlooking the most photographed landmark in the world. The Trocadéro Square and its gardens were created as part of the 1937 world exhibition. This place offers one of the best views over the Eiffel Tower.

In the center of the garden is the famous "Warsaw Fountain" which, with its 20 water cannons, offers a striking spectacle, especially during summer nights when a special light highlights the banks of the basin. Next, we have Champs de Mars and banks of the Seine.

Best Shooting time

With a variety of spots that exist in the square and garden,  any time of the day is great for taking wonderful pictures. However, the sunrise and early morning hours are ideal. Around 10 am tourists start arriving and soon there be a crowd..


Louvre Museum


The Louvre Museum is an essential place in Paris. It houses and exhibits some of the most valuable works of the past two millennia in human history. True treasures carefully preserved under the pyramids. It is there that the famous "Monalisa" is found, among thousands of other works.

It's near other wonderful places like the Jardin des Tuileries and Palais Royal.

Best Shooting Time

Early in the morning, until 10 am, before the arrival of tourists. At sunset, and in the evening.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Bir-Hakeim Bridge | Eiffel Tower


The Bir-Hakeim Bridge is a two-level structure built in the early 20th century. There's the upper level through which passes Line 6 of the Paris Métro, and the lower level, reserved for pedestrians, cars and bicycles. From the bridge, you have one of the most beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. In the middle of it is the Allé des Cygnes, a central corridor on the Seine, which connects to the Grenelle Bridge and gives access to the Parisian replica of the Statue of Liberty.


Almost everyone remembers this bridge because it served as setting for many commercials and films like "Inception", with Leonardo Di Caprio.

Best Shooting Time

From sunrise to night when public lighting is turned on. Perfect for evening sessions. There is never a large crowd, which makes things easier.

Tuileries Garden


This garden owes its name to the tile factories (tuiles) that once existed there and where Queen Catherine de Médicis built the Palais des Tuileries in 1564, which has since disappeared. It was a famous gardener of the King who gave it, from 1664, its present aspect of "french way" garden.

It separates the Louvre from the Place de la Concorde and is a place for sightseeing and culture, exposing statues of Maillol, Rodin and Giacometti. The l’Orangerie museum, where visitors can admire Monet’s works, is housed in the southwest of the Tuileries.

Best Shooting Time

There are no major time constraints. It is possible all day.

Jardin des Tuleries

Alexandre III Bridge | Petit Palais


It's considered the most beautiful and emblematic bridge in Paris, due to its architecture and location. It was built to be inaugurated during the Universal Exhibition of 1900. Classified as a "historic monument", it is a highly sought-after setting for wedding and romance photography.

At 200 meters, we find the Petit Palais and its famous golden door that can also be included in the rehearsal.

Best Shooting Time

In the morning, until 11 am, when it is less crowded. and at sunset. By the riverbanks, at any time of the day. As for the Petit Palais door, it must be before 9 am, opening time.

Pont Alexandre III
Champs de Mars

Champs de Mars


The "Champs de Mars" are the place overlooking the Eiffel Tower closest to the monument, Due to its proximity, the view of the Tower will always be from the bottom up ", further enhancing the feeling of grandeur of the" Iron Lady ". Nearby, we find the" Rue de l'Université ", also one of the most famous Eiffel Tower views .

Best Shooting Time

Preferably, in the morning, before 10 am,. All day, at few selected points, and at sunset.

Palais Royal


Created by Cardinal Richelieu in 1633, the Palais Royal and its gardens welcomed royal families until the construction of Versailles. Prestigious and peaceful, the gardens are surrounded by an architectural ensemble that looks into the future, through the sculptures of Daniel Buren and Bury.


Buren's famous 260 octagonal columns, dressed in black and white, are located in the courtyard, close to the garden and the Ministry of Culture, and have become yet another landmark in the city of Paris

Best Shooting Time

All day from 7h30.

Palais Royal

Sacré Coeur | Montmartre


The Montmartre area is full of charm. The famous Basilique du Sacré-Coeur provides a magnificent view over the city of Paris, Besides its old streets, alleys, staircases and gardens., Monmartre has even more: highlight to Place du Tertre with its famous caricaturists, the Dalí area, the Montmartre vineyards. It is also there that we find the illustrious Maison Rose.

Best Shooting Time

Better before 11 am, when it starts to get crowded. And at sunset.

Sacré Coeur

Notre-Dame de Paris


This was the most visited monument in the world until the April 15, 2019 fire, It is located on the "Île de la Cité", the oldest place in the capital. The island itself offers a large number of points of tourist interest that would take your time to visit for many hours or even days. Also due to its central location it became a natural passge area.

The Cathedral is currently undergoing a reconstruction process that is expected to take about 5 years. Even so, there are several points, such as the banks of the Seine, that allow to capture all the magnificence and magic of the monument.

Best Shooting Time

Less crowded in the morning, before 11 am.


Luxembourg Garden

Jardin de Luxembourg 3.jpg

Located on the outskirts of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, the Jardin de Luxembourg was created on the initiative of Queen Marie de Medici in 1612. With an area of 25 hectares, the garden is divided into two parts: a French one and another English. Between them extends a "geometric forest" and a large central basin. There is also an orchard, an apiary for beekeeping, greenhouses with collections of orchids and a rose garden. It features 106 statues scattered throughout the park, the monumental Fonte Medici, the Orangerie and the Davioud Pavilion.

Best Shooting Time

All day, but crowded in the afternoon and weekend.

Paris is full of magical places, even if not as famous as the city's icons. Gardens, streets, alleys with typical Parisian architecture, riverbanks, bridges over the Seine, and several other points overlooking the Eiffel Tower. If you have a personal story from somewhere in the city, a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant, a simple street or a garden bench, which has become important to you, please tell us. We will be happy to take you there and do our best to deliver your dream photos. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Jardin de Luxembourg
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