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Fotógrafo Profissional em Paris

How Does It Work?


. . .

Booking is simple and transparent and the all process can be summarized in the following 6 steps:

1: Choosing and Booking

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It all starts with your choice and booking. Check out our availability and schedule your date. Payment of the booking fee can be made by card or, if you prefer, by Paypal. As soon as the photo shoot is booked we will proceed to its preparation.

Familia-Torre Eiffel-Jardins do Trocader

2: Customizing and Preparing

. . .

I. First, we'll adjust the details of the session, including props and accessories to use.

II. We'll want to know a few things: your ideas about the outfits, what you do expect from the photo shoot, how do you imagine in the final photos, if there is any pose, situation or place you want to include.

III. We might ask you to providing us (if we do not have access otherwise) a color photo of the face and another full body so that, as an image advice, we can also suggest or help you choose outfits, colors, combination of colors, shoes and accessories.

IV. Time and meeting point for the session will be set. By Email, WhatsApp, Messenger (facebook), or by phone. we'll tell how it will unfold.

Dia da Sessão

3: Photo Shoot Day

. . .

We will meet, as agreed, a few minutes before to set last details and for practical warm-up, with some basic rules of positioning, posture, and pose.


4: During the Photo Shoot 

. . .

We will guide you in the positioning, poses and actions, always trying to capture each one natural expressiveness. Periodically, we'll let you check out the photos to make sure we're on the right track. Moving elsewhere will be mostly on foot (if the distance is short and not more than 5 minutes) or in our car (up to 4 people).

5: End of the Photo Shoot

. . .

We'll review the deadline for sending the previews and for delivering the final photos. We'll conclude the payment of the remaining amount and say goodbye. In case of 2 or more hours of session, we will make the transfer to the hotel, if you wish so.




. . .

You'll get, the same day, up to 3 final edited photos for you to share. Up to 48 hours later, we'll send you  a link to your exclusive online gallery, protected by password, with all the previews. We'll wait for your selection for advanced editing. Finally, the final selected photos will be delivered 3 to 7 days after.

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