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Surprise Paris


Exciting and Breathtaking Moments 

Pedido de Casamento


"Will  You Marry Me?"

Offering your future wife a SURPRISE PROPOSAL in Paris, at the Eiffel Tower or other landmarks, is something she'll never forget and will treasure forever. You too. This is the most important step in a relationship and deserves to be immortalized.

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Session Options

Intimate or in public, the proposal will always be a SURPRISE, Your better half has no idea what you were up to. It may also be SECRET, that is, she doesn't know that everything is being photographed. Thus, we have 3 options for your proposal:


During a session that you have already booked with her knowledge. This is the solution we recommend, as it allows another type of preparation and control over the moment. Of course, she won't know that the poposal is going to happen.

#2. The "CASUAL" way

I'll be around, and your girlfriend will think I'm just a random tourist taking pictures. But you already know me and you'll ask me to take some pictures of you together and send them to you,  later. If you prefer, I will approach you asking if I can take some pictures of the couple, to complete my portfolio.

#3. The  SECRET way

Only you know that I will be taking photos close by. This is the most complicated way, as it's not easy to find a place where no one passes by or  being able to control people's path, to avoid "damaging" the photos of such important and unique moment.

After Booking


We will suggest you some discreet places and prepare you to provide your future wife with an unforgettable experience, captured in timeless photos.


You'll also learn:

- How to articulate with me, the photographer, to keep everything a secret.

- How to position yourself.

- What to say before proposing.

- What to do at the moment immediately after the "big question".

- How to position yourself on your knees.

- What to do when you get up again.

- How to end the proposal in a memorable way.


Be CAUTIOUS to avoid unpleasant surprises: Make sure it is the right time to propose..



1) If you only want to make your proposal eternal, book the DÈCOUVERTE package, lasting 1 hour, indicating that you intend to make the proposal.


2) If, in addition,, you want to take photos in other places book according to the number of places you want: the PASSION package (2 places) or AMOUR package (3 places).

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