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Everlasting  Moments

Session Types

What We Do

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Our specialty is people photography at activities or events in the magical and most romantic city in the world. Single, couple, family or group photo shoot daytime and also at night. Get to know the types of sessions we perform and for whom they are.



Romantic Couple

 Paris is simply the most romantic city in the world!



Romantic Couple

A SURPRISE marriage proposal is always a unique and meaningful moment for both. And it can be secret too. Your future wife won't have the slightest clue that it will take place.. Learn more.


Engagement/Save the Date

Romantic Couple

The wedding is on. This is a great way to get photos for save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, announcements, and guestbooks.



Romantic Couple

Has the wedding date been fixed and is there a scheduled trip to Paris ? What about make this an eternal memory of you? If its only in Paris, just book. If you also want to travel elsewhere, pelase, contact us.



Romantic Couple | Group

The BIG day, in Paris.



Romantic Couple

SYMBOLIC ceremony with romantic decor, flowers, violinist and officiant. Unique memories that will not be repeated. Everything has to be captured. Book and we'll take care of all the details after.


Honey Moon

Romantic Couple

Honeymoon in Paris? Great reason for a romantic essay for two. And why don't you bring your beautiful wedding gown? You'll feel like you're still getting married.


Wedding Anniversery

Romantic Couple

Bronze, silver, gold? Or a simple celebration of another year together? All these occasions deserve a unique essay in Paris.


Vow Renewal

Romantic Couple

Celebrate the love that has deepened and matured between you two.



Romantic Couple | Family | Goup | Solo 

Your birthday, the birthday of one of members of the couple, of a relative or group of friends. Always a good reason for a essay, in Paris.


"Quinceanera" and Sweet Sixteen

Individual ! Family | Group

15 or 16 years old? We only have it once. It's now or never!


Just for Fun

RomAntic Couple | Family | Group | Single

Family or group sessions are fun, for sure. Children will love and spread their joy. Solo is fun too!



Group | Single

Paris is the perfect scenery to show youself to the world. For influencers in social media, artists and entrepreneurs. If you have followers, collaboration may take place.




You in the unique Paris landscape, to keep forever in your personal memoir and show everybody else. . Contact us directly for possible collaboration.

Contact-us and let us know what you imagine for your Paris Photo Shoot, or if you want us to shoot another kind of event.
Other Services

Other Services


These are the main extra services we offer you. Just explain your idea to us for the photo shoot and, if necessary, we can go beyond the following items.


- 10x15 cm, 15x20cm, 18x13.5cm or other format photo prints.
- Large format prints: Canvas and Frames.

- Photo albums.



Props and accessories

- Balloons, Hats, Umbrellas, Champagne Bottles, Bouquets of Flowers, Flowers, Vintage Bikes, Vintage Cars, and everything else you may want for you Paris Photo Shoot.


Subcontracting third party services

- Hairdresser,
- Makeup artist

- Decorator
- Violinist / musician.
- Officiant (Mini-Wedding)


What We Don't Do

We do not travel outside Paris, except:

Versailles, Eurodisney, La Défense and, depending on some conditions, other more distant places, such as the Château de Chantilly, 50 kms, or the very famous Mont St. Michel, 360 kms from Paris. Or for Pre-Wedding sessions.

We do not remove items from the options to lower their value.

The quantities and number of items presented in each basic option are the minimum. We can always add more edited final photos, more rehearsal time, more places for the same duration. Note: any addition will increase the value of the package.

We do not "cover" competition quotes.
We just don't do that. If you have a lower quote elsewhere and the price is what matters for you, by all means, go for it!


We do not place our customers in dangerous or unsafe places. Although we have insurance, we do not shoot in places where a fall of potentially serious or even fatal consequences could happen. This is the case of the Trocadero, where there's a 10 + meters high wall and which many tourists insist on climbing. NO PHOTO need this. If you ask us for something like it, we will not accept it. There are many other alternative points as good or BETTER. If you still insist on doing so, you should know that the responsibility is ONLY yours. Every year people die around the world because of "fearless" photos. It is tragic, as NO PHOTO has the value of a life. SAFETY is one of our priorities. We're NOT into EXTREME photography.

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