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The Paris Photo Shoot


Jorge M. S. Leandro

Paris Photographer

Dream Photos and an Unfforgetable Experience

Paris Photgrapher

Defining our

Paris Photo Shoot 

More than just a photo shoot in Paris, it's an essay that illustrates your stroll through the places you've chosen and its surroundings, Get ready for a mix of posed and candid scenes and lots of action!  It's a fun experience that translates into happier moments to be captured forever..

Fotógrafo em Paris, Familia no Trocadero, junto à Torre Eiffel

Some Benefits

What do You Get?

#1 Dream Photos
#5 Transportation

#6 Extra Services
#9 Image Advice

Did you know...

We'll take care of any accessory and prop reservation, and third party services *.

We belive that, once in Paris, you'll prefere do spend your time in leisure activities, and that you wont't want to worry about any reservation or hiring someone for the photo shoot. 

According to what you'll want,  all the necessary production will be presented to you, free of worries.

Enjoy your in time in Paris!

(*) Except Weddings. In wich case we'll do the photo work, but we'll put you in contact with someone else who provides all the arrangements for the wedding, if that's what you wish, naturally.

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"Thank You , Jorge, for this unique experience."

Cláudia Costa


Are You a Man?

Do you want to  spoil your love with a


and make it an everlasting memory?

About | A Message From Your

Paris Photographer

Being able to create unforgettable photos in the most beautiful city in the world is a passion for this portuguese photographer, in Paris.

I speak english, french, spanish and, obviously, portuguese. Communication won't be a problem.

Taking you to the most beautiful and iconic places, and capture the best moments, is a pleasure. And I always try to do it in the most pleasant way for everybody.

Together, we'll be the team that will come out as a winner in the elegance, glamour and photogenic challenge. My biggest bigest reward will be your smile, hopefully, before, during and after the session,

Be it romance/love, family, couples, groups or solo, the photo shoot will be relaxed, fluid and fun.. That way, we'll create the photos of your dreams and make your Paris Photo Shoot a unique and unforgettable experience.


I'm looking forward to take you around. When will you join me?

Jorge MS Leandro, Paris Photographer

Jorge MS Leandro

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